ITS Affiliates
International Technology Sales

This Information Products and Services firm specializes in global technology scouting, open source technology intelligence and open innovation for the government and corporate clients. It reaches over 2,000 technology information sources to inform its clients as to who is doing what, where, when, with whom, and in some cases, for how much, in any given science and/or technology field. Read more at

This Midwest firm specializes in facilitating counter-trade/offset arrangements between foreign governments and multinational corporations involved in large procurements, for example, billions spent on fighter aircraft, ship programs, etc. The idea is to try to balance or offset the impact of the outbound flow of cash from countries spending multi-million dollars on procurements by requiring the multinational(s) benefiting from such sales to make offsetting transactions and investments in that country's infrastructure. ITS works with Global Trade Solutions to package ITS customer activities in such a way as to create an attractive offset packages for use by multinationals to satisfy their offset obligations. These transactions produce new revenue streams for the ITS client as they conduct their own international business transactions. More at: